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Updated: 28th July 2020 01:51The Best Coffee Subscription Services Of 2020 | HuffPost Canada Food & Drink

The Best Coffee Subscription Services Of 2020

You won't get your lattes late with these monthly coffee subscription services.

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Using a coffee subscription is like curating your very own coffee-of-the-month club. 
Using a coffee subscription is like curating your very own coffee-of-the-month club. 

Coffee lovers definitely know how they like their cuppa — whether it’s with two heavy pours of cream or completely black without any sugar in sight, or whether it’s an early-morning cup made with a French press or a fancy midday mocha.

While we were searching for the best subscription services for essentials, including places that’ll send you vitamins and razors every month, we couldn’t help but find the best coffee subscriptions of 2020 that’ll give you a much-needed caffeine fix.

If you’re the kind of person who loves the idea of perfecting the art of making a latte at home, mastering different drinks with a new coffee maker (like this editor-approved espresso machine) or just trying out a new bag of coffee beans, you might want to give these subscription services a shot.

From Blue Bottle to La Colombe, here are the best monthly coffee subscription services of 2020:

Blue Bottle
Blue Bottle
If you need your bean juice every morning, Blue Bottle might be the subscription you've been looking for. You can choose from blends, espressos and decaf. Subscriptions start at $11 and can get delivered every couple of weeks.

Check out Blue Bottle's subscription service.
You can get roasting with a Driftaway subscription, which starts off with a tasting kit of four different coffees. You then can rate the coffees, getting new beans each month that match up with your likes.

Check out Driftaway's subscription service.
La Colombe
La Colombe
If you want a big selection of coffee to choose from, La Colombe has lots of different options. There's everything from dark roasts to cold brews. You can go with a one-time purchase or have your coffee delivered every week to every four weeks.

Check out La Colombe's subscription services.
Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee has its own Coffee of the Month Club. The club sends you coffee, which has been recently roasted before being sent out, once a month. There are "Curated Subscriptions" that are picked out by the brand and a "Frequent Brewer Subscription," which you build yourself. The subscriptions start at $16 a month.

Check out the Coffee of the Month Club at Peet's Coffee.
Trade Coffee
Vilaiporn Chatchawal via Getty Images
Trade Coffee delivers local coffee right to your door. With a subscription, the company lets you get your caffeine fix from roasters across the country. You get a discount and free shipping with the service and can change just about anything in your order before it arrives, including going decaf.

Check out Trade Coffee's subscriptions.