11/05/2019 20:54 EST

'The View' Gives Jane Fonda A Care Package For Next Time She Goes To Jail

The 81-year-old actor was arrested four times in as many weeks for staging protests against climate inaction at the Capitol.

Jane Fonda was already prepared to go to jail every week until January ― but now she’s more prepared than ever. 

The 81-year-old actor appeared on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday to discuss her recent arrests during protests at the Capitol while fighting the U.S. government’s inaction on climate change. 

The Academy Award-winner, whose political activism goes back as far as the Vietnam War, was jailed overnight last Friday. She had been arrested every Friday before that for three weeks as part of the weekly “Fire Drill Fridays” events in Washington, D.C., which she said she was inspired to attend after viewing teen climate activist Greta Thunberg’s address to Congress in September.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg gifted Fonda a care package to show her support for her civil disobedience, complete with a neck pillow and thermal blanket so that Fonda will “always be comfortable in the joint.”

Fonda was released without charges Saturday afternoon and told The Washington Post in an interview, “My 82-year-old bones hurt.” Fonda will turn 82 in December, and with the date falling on a Saturday, she expects to spend her birthday in jail, she told The New York Times.

During Tuesday’s appearance on “The View,” Fonda said she felt the burden of protesting the fossil fuel industry should not just fall on young people.

“I’m following what the young people are doing. I’m not telling them. They are inspiring me,” she said.

“The fossil fuel industry is doing more and more and more to harm us and our environment and our young people’s futures.”

Fonda cheered the Green New Deal climate proposal introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), which she said could be funded by cutting the “totally bloated” military budget.

She urged people to take action and engage in civil disobedience to demand change. Fonda acknowledged that getting arrested was a risk, but she said it was one she was willing to take to get her message heard.

During her appearance on “The View,” the actor said she won’t actually be permitted to bring in anything beyond the clothes on her back (the trick is wearing layers, she quipped), but she plans to keep protesting until January, when production of her Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” resumes.  

Watch Fonda’s segments on the show below: