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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Good News

Good News

"With this gift, I was finally able to get out of the hole I had basically been in for two years since getting separated."
“I care about decency and humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion," the singer said at the E! People's Choice Awards.
These parenting books emphasize emotional intelligence, empathy and respect for others.
These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.

Ruben Martinez III's mother said he came up with the challenge to do 20 good deeds to cope following Saturday's mass shooting.
Blake's "I will be your friend shirt" is inspiring kids and adults.
The girl scouts were selling cookies outside in Greenville, South Carolina
Jeff Allen rewarded Dave Cochran for his random act of kindness with tickets to next Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots.
A letter from the former presidential candidate urged the 8-year-old girl to "never stop standing up for what is right."
“I pray you never have to deal with anything like this ever."
Natalie Barnes spent her breaks getting a passenger a meal and a place in a temporary shelter.
Its prime minister Jacinda Ardern is receiving widespread attention for her “anti-Trump” style of politics.
Ginger is the shelter's "little princess," but it's time for her to find her own home.
Bronx resident Raymond Deidesheimer saved the sweet feline from a potentially horrible fate.
ABC meteorologist Rob Marciano played a critical role in getting the young cats to safety.
Cooper cast his own dog, Charlie, in the film and people have fallen in love.
Svetlana Logunova is living the dream in Zelenogradsk, Russia.
“They have fought so hard to live," said the co-founder of Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina.
“[He sleeps for] about an hour, then he’ll wake up and switch cats,” said the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary.
Cajun Navy Relief volunteers were able to help rescue the massive number of animals.