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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00SDGs


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to eradicate poverty in all its forms, promote sustained and inclusive
While disruption may seem inevitable, city and governmental leaders can overcome it by understanding the causes, defining
It was hence very timely that the community of official statisticians from all over the world "stepped up, forward and on
The key challenge was obvious from the beginning: how do you convince individuals that these 17 formidable goals aren't just

Water, and more precisely uneven, unstable and unsecure access to it, is one of the largest global risks. Now and in the
In order to ensure their efforts are successful, the team at The Imperative Fund operates very strategically when choosing
2. Lake Chad Basin This type of development response helps to prevent future crises and ensures more people move out of poverty
First, transport systems should be efficient and accessible for all and support an inclusive and sustainable growth process
After eight years as Ambassador to the UN, I see little genuine appetite for reform of the Security Council.
So if you are to gather with your colleagues or loved ones today or in the period ahead - at work, in school, or around the
BT is doing just that. Sustainability runs through the heart of our business: it defines how we go about our work, and we
In light of the outcome of the US elections it is even more important to keep in mind that 2016 will be another hottest year
Along with increasing overall tax revenue, digitizing individual and corporate tax payments can lower transaction costs for
Global threats are rising. Rising inequity, rising discontent against political leaders, extremism, terrorism. As we grow more globalized, more inter-connected, so do we grow more vulnerable to each other's difficulties.
The last goal in the list of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 refers to creating "Partnerships for Sustainable
Issues of older people's rights have been recognised at both the national and regional level, with the ratification of the
• How about eco cleaners? Do they actually clean? Is the Eco claim really true? So let´s get back to physics and try to define
In August 2016, One World Children's Fund, ACODEV and the African Diaspora Network convened the first Grassroots Forward meeting and workshop in Kampala, Uganda. More than 50 participants from over 10 countries across Africa spent the day together to discuss how we can push Grassroots Forward.